Site Info

This site is built with a homemade PHP framework that has a routing system for pretty url's and harbors a MVC system to handle content and resources backend

The frontend uses it's own controllers to get a good seperation betwixt front/backend. It also makes good use of AngularJS for custom directives (such as showing artwork and images)

I'm using cloud9's Ace code editor at the backend to write page and blog posts, this so that I can use pure code without the annoying WYSIWYG padding, this gives me 100% control on the content created herein.

The content is presented to the frontend both through the controllers and as JSON where AJAX requests are made for a fluid experience to the viewer.

I've also used Bootstrap CSS Framework for general layout to make it look good on as many platforms as possible.

The font used mainly throughout the site is Fontin Sans and Socialico/Socialico Plus for the social icons

I have jQuery 1.11.1 as it's pretty much default these days, this also gives me extended functionality when working with AngularJS

Sitemap & RSS Feeds

The site have at present 2 RSS feeds and one sitemap available, one for the blog, and one for artworks and the sitemap for other pages. There might come more feeds as I make more features to the site, but until then these will have to do.

Blog Feed:
Artworks Feed:

In case your service forces you to have a file suffix to the feeds you can add ".xml", the resulting document will be the same in both versions.


The main colors used on the site are the following