Glenn Edberg

Software Developer

Glenn Edberg
Nybovägen 8
832 43 Frösön

P: +46 705-42 65 59

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I'm a driven software developer with a wide range of experience, from light-weight front-end development to more heavy back-end system design. I started software development as a game developer.

I'm also an active artist and I try to squeeze as much time into my artistry as possible. You can see more of this at my main site:

I have long experience when it comes to agile workflow, MVC and GIT. And I enjoy writing beautyful looking code.


  • Long experience with programing
  • Database Architecture
  • Highly artistic
  • Multitalented
  • Problem solving
  • Fast learner


CGI Programmer

Front-end developer, working mainly with Angular 2.

Tuzame Programmer

Mainly front-end at the moment, but I hope to delve more and more into back-end. Working with app development and core products.

Streamingbolaget AB Software developer

I work with both front-end and back-end development for the company, I'm also resposible for customer support.

Project History

Trafikverket Front-end developer

Worked on the system where they develop exams for drivers license.

SeeMyTree Front-end developer

Main front-end developer for SeeMyTree who is selling and planting tree's in India and giving part of the profits to the farmers that handle the forestry.

SB.js Lead developer

SB.js is Streamingbolagets JavaScript SDK for video publishing. It helps the customer to make versetile and custom solutions when it comes to video on the web.

Youtube synchronization Lead developer

Developed functionality for Streamingbolagets video administration platform to synchronize video material directly to youtube without using the Zend Framework google API.

Zombie Grinder Game developer

Sole creator of the zombie themed tetris clone Zombie Grinder written in HTML5, I created graphics and wrote the underlying game library that the game is built upon.

The game can be played on the following address: Zombie Grinder

Technical Skills

Software development

  • HTML5
  • JavaScript
  • Node.js
  • jQuery
  • Angular
  • TypeScript
  • PHP
  • Go
  • MySQL
  • Redis


  • Laravel
  • Wordpress

OS Experience

  • Windows
  • Linux (Debian/Ubuntu)
  • OS X


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Blender3D
  • Inkscape
  • Visual Studio
  • Eclipse