Top 5 of 2014 & site news

2014 is gasping for it's last breath, so I thought this would be the perfect moment for some retrospection for the year soon to pass. I've been a busy badger indeed, setting out at last new...

Top 5 of 2014 & site news

2014 is gasping for it's last breath, so I thought this would be the perfect moment for some retrospection for the year soon to pass. I've been a busy badger indeed, setting out at last new year to make 2014 a really artsy year. I've had my ups and downs during the year. But I've been pretty productive if you add it all up. So here follows a list of my personal top 5 favorites when it comes to my art creation in no specific order(trying not to be too narcistic).

The Schizophreniac is one of my favorite oil paintings this year, I was pondering on if I liked the Landscape painting more, but this one keeps getting back to me as it hangs on my wall. It's chaotic, unspecific, and you can make out whatever you wish from it. Something I really try to accomplish as an artist for my art. Art is for and by the beholder. He/She creates worlds from within it's borders, and weaves it's psyche, thus make it reality outside the artist mind.

The Awakening did not start out as it ended. I tryed to set my subject in the center of the image, but this kind of composition seems burdensome for me. So it ended up being a struggle betwixt light and dark. I guess the compositional theme of the image is something that attracts me.

During the year I have been struggling a lot with rendering faces. Starting of with basic geometrical forms seems to help, and sometimes it makes for a interesting subject, as seen in Mr Sphere Head. Here I've used a rendering technique that I've developed during the year, using kneaded easer to get my highlights out! I will continue developing this technique during 2015 for sure!

Witch and Dragon started out as a quick sketch that I immediatly found that I wanted to develop to something more solid. I did a couple of more sketches and then sat down to do a fine rendering in A4. This one ended up as a anniversery gift for my girlfriend, and I might revisit the theme for something that I can use for printing later on.

The Jinn has been an inspirational force in my artistic life for quite some time, the concept behind the race of the jinn is absolutely intriguing to say the least, and the connections to other mythical creatures from around the world is hard to deny. They are powerfull creatures that roam realms outside visible reality, but shows themself in places that they hold as their domain. Woe those who tread without causion.

Those are the top 5 favorites for this year! I probably could've filled a top 10 list, but it feels like that would have made the post a wee bit long and hard to go throug. Here follows some news and updates for the site, and what to expect from upcoming updates!

General Updates: I've had quite a busy time during the Yule celebrations. I've been hard at work on the site, polishing design and making the site more usefull when it comes to social engagement. I've fixed meta tags and rich tagging for the page that needs them (blog posts and artwork) so that sharing content from this site will be a bit more enjoyfull.

I have also connected this site to all my social network pages (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) so that these networks will post updates that happen on the site. This will simplify administration for me as we thread into a hektic year. I want to concentrate on producing art 2015, so it would be really nice to have a central point from which I can reach out to the different communities that have interest in what I do. Hopefully this will get some traction and open up my art for a wider audience.

Next step for the website is to add functionality for Galleries (collections of artworks) and music, with playlists. I've been medling with audio since forever, so it would be nice to be able to showcase this as well on the site. But it has to be done right, I'll probably end up writing a custom audio player boosted by HTML5 standard (the basic player don't fit well with the sites general estetic in my taste, and I'm picky with those sort of things). Can't give any release dates on this, but it will come soon enough.

Other than that I'm hoping to get started with drawing some new stuff soon! There's still holiday musts to be done, but I'll do my best to squeeze in some artsy stuffs in the small hours. So keep yer peepers pealed for updates!

That's all for now folks! Glad you could come and join me for this top 5 of 2014! And don't be afraid to hook up! Check out my social networks over at the contact page!