Forest Troll

Forest Troll

I've been a lousy artist the last couple of weeks, for various reasons, but now it feels like things are starting to move in the right direction again, I started writing a brand new HTML5 game, so this sketch is a concept artsy thing for the game.

The game is a tower defense game where you are trying to stop the christians to build a church in your forest, as the sound of the church bell will drive you and your kin away from your homes (classic nordic folklore).

Hopefully there'll be a lot of art updates for the game for a while as I've gotten into the part where I need to work a lot on the graphical part. So keep yer peepers pealed for updates. Will try to post a blog post about the project soon as well.

Genre: Sketch
Medium: Graphite
Year: 2015
Size: A5

Artwork Images