About Glenn Fagertveit

Glenn is a somewhat eccentric artist currently residing in the central parts of sweden, he's a webdeveloper by day, and surrealist extraordinaire by night.

He started out with art at an early age as many relatives of his we're into artsy stuffs, being brung up in a somewhat hippie household let Glenn have a wide view of reality and the world beyond.

Glenn has also meddled in the world of music, trying on quite a plethora of genres, from Black Metal to Acid Jungle Trance, at the current time there's nothing in the loop other than him trying to get better at playing the guitar, hopefully when time is plenty, he'll try to gather a group of likeminded and do something serious. See the bottom of this page to get more info about the different projects he's been on in the past.

As an visual artist he started out the more serious path within the concept art scene, being a gamer since forever he wanted to start doing his own games, as this progressed he learned the fine art of programming back in 2004, and within the same period he started working more on his artistry, sketching furiously day in and day out. This type of behaviour has been in lows and highs ever after, and in the beginning of 2014 he took a vow to really get the artstuff off the ground, thus he made this site to be able to showcase his art in a clean way.

Glenn is really a pencilartist at his core, but he's shown interest in oilpainting as a refined way of expressing his visions. He enjoys experimenting with different mediums and are known to take leaps in style and techniques, thus being quite wide in his area of visual arts. He hopes to be able to start with some printing in the future when he has the funds to purchase the equipment needed to set up a mini printshop at his home.

As his past has put him through a lot of game development, he's worked a lot with digital media as well, the favorite tool has always been the Wacom Intuos series which gives him a traditional feel whilst working against the computer screen.

Glenn is an avid reader of Horror and Sci-fi/Fantasy, among his favorite authors we find Terry Pratchett, Clive Barker, H.P. Lovecraft, Neil Gaiman, Joe Lansdale and Donald Tyson. When it comes to Mr.Tyson Glenn has read some of his works on Esoteric litterature which also is a very present interest of his.

Fringe science, conspiracy theories and crazy alien themes has always been close to Glenn's heart, these topics is great for inspiration so Glenn keeps an always waking eye on the communities that handles these.

As an artist Glenn has some strong inspiration sources that are thrown about quite wildly from time to time, some of the most prominent artists are H.R. Giger, John Bauer, Theodore Kittelsen, Gustave Doré, Heironymous Bosch, Salvadore Dalí ohh, and Clive Barker again!

Glenn strives to better his techniques in the different mediums he works in, as a goal he strives to find the same feel and atmosphere of the old masters, depictions of hell has always been one of his favorite scenes, and the middle ages was filled to the brim with art of these topics. The anatomical studies from the same period is also of high interest, and the pencil rendering techniques always inspire Glenn to better his own work. To combine the old feeling with new vistas of dark surrealism is an unending goal that he want's to master. There's so much to work from that the path seems like an unending voyage into the unknown

In the near future Glenn would like to work more with commission works, doing artwork for albums, printing fine art and t-shirts. Trying to find places to put his art on public display and get a bit more comfy with the art scene in Sweden and the rest of the world. It seems like the art scene in Sweden is a bit boxed in, so I'm hoping that it'll open it wings and accept a wider range of art in the future, as an over optimistic artist he hope that he can be a part of that scene in the future