And the new site is live!

It might not look much at a first glance, but the new site is finally live, there's a lot of coding still needing to be done, but the main functionality is in place for the new backend and frontend. I will be hard at work with building additional functionality for galleries and minor frontend modules that will make future administration and upkeep easy as pie!

Some of the new features is a better support for handling resources such as images and artwork. This have a great backend system that will upload images in several different resolutions so that the viewer will get the smoothes possible experience. I have also started making fancy frontend modules that will give me some well needed tools for posting images and artwork on the go. Check out this one for example:

This is a simple tag that I use to fetch a art resource from the backend through a AngularJS directive and service. The directive then use a template to render the artwork with info. Depending on what role I use (thumbnail or poster) the html template is different, and I can choose how to present the artwork to the viewer.

This will make posting stuff on the site far easier than it was with the old system, so hopefully I'll keep the site more up to date from now on! Got great plans for 2015 that I will need this for.

So keep yer peepers pealed for more updates in the coming days! And I hope you all like the new site!


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